Porcupine River Bridge Closure

Porcupine River Bridge closed to drivers, cyclists and pedestrians

Due to safety concerns about structural integrity, the Porcupine River Bridge on Frederick House Lake Rd. is now closed to all traffic including drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. Signs alerting travelers to the closure were in place by November 8. 

Getting Around

Those traveling to points east of the bridge can access Frederick House Lake Road via Hwy. 101 and Carrigan Road. Those travelling to points west of the bridge can access via Frederick House Lake Road. 

Porcupine River Bridge detour

Vehicle operators traveling along Hwy 101 are reminded of increased traffic accessing Carrigan Rd. Be prepared to slow, stop, and do not pass vehicles indicating a left or right-hand turn onto Carrigan Rd. 

About the Closure

The City is closing the Porcupine River Bridge at this time due to safety concerns about the bridge's condition. City staff and contract engineers have been completing increased inspections of the bridge since 2016 and a downgrading of the bridge carry capacity has already been put in place. These inspections are done to observe deterioration and determine the need for repairs to maintain safe travel conditions over the bridge.

It is of the opinion of Associated Engineering, as well as City Staff, that it is time to indefinitely close the bridge. Further investment in the pre-1930 structure would no longer be feasible nor cost effective. The impact to residents will be minimal as alternative routes are easily accessible.

The City of Timmins will commence a class EA procedure including public consultation concerning replacement or removal of the structure.