Timmins Victor M. Power Airport (Formerly Timmins Airport)

Timmins Victor M. Power Airport
4599 Airport Road
Timmins, Ontario
P4N 7C3

Administration: 705-360-2636 X 6804 General Inquiries
Fax: 705-360-2675

About Victor M. Power Airport

Owned and operated by the City of Timmins, our airport is one of the largest airports in Northern Ontario.
The Airport is a convenient gateway to Toronto and northern communities. The airport serves as an administration and maintenance centre for Air Creebec; a base for recreational, business and private operators.

It also serves as an aircraft maintenance and emergency medical transportation hub.

The MNR uses the airport as a district base for fighting forest fires. The Timmins Airport is also a growing hub for air cargo. Serving more than 200,000 passengers annually, the Timmins Airport is approximately 11 kilometers north of the city business district. The airport has two runways (main runway is 6,000 feet and secondary runway is 4,900 feet), a flight service station, precision landing aids and a 24 hour weather reporting operation. World fuels stations are located at the airport for full aviation and aircraft servicing requirements.

The Timmins Airport serves a much larger market than the City of Timmins. Based on its strategic location in the heart of Northeastern Ontario, Timmins has become the focal point for transportation and communications as well as some government services for the region.

Timmins is a hub airport serving the air traveler and cargo needs of an encompassing market area of 160,000 people.

Parking Information


Parking at the airport is fully automated. You'll pick up your parking ticket when you enter the parking lot. When you're ready to leave, you have two payment options.

You can pay by cash, debit or credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express) at the Pay on Foot station in the Arrivals area of the terminal building or pay by credit card on your way out of the lot. (Cash and debit not accepted at exit gates).

Click here to view/download the parking map.

Picking up passengers

Arriving passengers can be met at the Arrivals doors at the north end of the building. Please do not leave your vehicle unattended. If you plan on going inside the terminal, please park your vehicle in the parking lot.

Please note: 1 Hour FREE parking.

Dropping off Passengers

Departing passengers can be dropped off at curbside at the "Kiss ‘n Fly" area by the Departures doors at the south end of the terminal. This area is for drop off only. Please do not leave your vehicle unattended.  It is a FIRE ROUTE and vehicles will be tagged and/or towed. Please use the parking lot if you are escorting a passenger into the terminal.

Please note: 1 Hour FREE parking.

Parking Rates

  • Free: 1 Hour or less
  • $2.50 per hour
  • $12 per day
  • $62 per week

Airline Information

Airline Phone Website

Air Canada


Air Creebec


Porter Airlines


Thunder Airlines


Thunder Airlines

Travel Information

Luggage Allowances:

The baggage allowance, as well as the amount you can carry on to the aircraft may differ from one airline to another. Please contact your airline for more

Lost / Damaged Luggage:

If your luggage does not arrive or is damaged, please contact your airline directly.

Baggage Carts:

Carts are conveniently located by the baggage claim, $1.00 per cart. Return your cart we return your loonie!

Security and Restricted Items

Prior to packing for your flight, check the list of prohibited items for checked and carry-on luggage on the Canadian Air Transportation Security Authority (CATSA) website or call 1-888-294-2202.

More information:

Your options if you arrive at the airport with restricted items:

  • Leave it with family or friends who are with you at the airport
  • Leave it with pre-board screeners and they will dispose of the item.
  • Use the Mail-It-Home Program (ask information desk).


Car Rental Companies

Company Phone Number Website Links

Avis Car Rental

Budget Rent A Car

Enterprise Car Rental

National Car Rental






Taxi Companies Phone Number

Vet's Taxi

Let's Go




Hours of Operation

Main Terminal 

  • Sunday - Saturday: 4:30 am - 12:00 am


  • Sunday to Friday: 5:00 am - 7:30 pm
  • Saturday: Closed

Special Services 

Passengers Needing Special Services: Please contact your airline for this information

Other Services – ATM, Pay Phone, Lost and Found/Information (Security Office), Baggage Carts, Washrooms, Vending Machines, Work Stations, Wi-Fi.

Ground Handlers/Services

Air Creebec

Phone: 705-264-9521 x3159

  • Baggage Handling
  • Aircraft Towing
  • Lavatory Service Cart
  • Oxygen and Nitrogen Service Cart
  • De-Icing
  • Personal Safety Equipment
  • Aircraft Wheel Chocks
  • Safety Zones

Esso Station

  • Phone: 705-268-7212
  • Refueling

Maintair Aviation

Phone: 705-262-4849

  • Passenger / Guest Handling
  • Baggage & Cargo Handling
  • Lavatory Service 
  • Potable Water Service
  • Grooming Service
  • GPU (28v)
  • Pre-Conditioned Air (Heated)
  • De-Icing / Anti-Icing
  • Crew Shuttle Service

Pilot Information

Aircraft Fees

Timmins Victor M. Power Airport regulations fees are reviewed on an annual basis.

Download the Airport Regulations and Fees


Click here to check Timmins Weather (opens in new window).

NAV CANADA - Services:

  • Air Traffic Control
  • Airport Advisory and Flight Information
  • Aeronautical Information

Visit the NAV CANADA Website


Advertising Agreement Information
Location Pictures and Maps
Advertising Information


  • Posted rates are subject to change without notice
  • Rates are available for 1 year agreements
  • Minimum agreement period is 1 year
  • All agreements are based on a January – December contract
  • All fees are billed yearly – Prorated as needed
  • All agreements are subject to fabrication costs, which may vary according to sign type
  • Client is responsible for providing art work and coordinating fabrication of all signs by e-mail. Subject to approval by the Airport Manager PRIOR to fabrication
  • Spaces can be requested, but are subject to change as per the discretion of the Airport Manager

Contact Us

Timmins Victor M. Power Airport
4599 Airport Road
Timmins, Ontario
P4N 7C3

Administration: 705-360-2636 X 6804 (General Inquiries)
Fax: 705-360-2675