Frequently Asked Metered Water/Waste Water Questions

Metered Water/Waste Water:

Who pays for the water meter?

The property owner pays for the water meter and its installation.

Who is responsible for the water meter?

The property owner is responsible for the water meter. Should the meter become faulty, the property owner is responsible to replace it.

How are the water meters read?

Water meters are typically read by remote laser.

Who can benefit from being on a water meter?

Residents that own a home with a large number of rooms (5 or more) or multiple units can potentially benefit from being on a water meter if they are careful with their water consumptions. Due to the minimum charge of a meter, being on a water meter is very close to the cost of a 4 bedroom home therefore homes of 4 bedrooms or less would not benefit.

What are the benefits to the customer of being on a water meter?

It is beneficial because the customer pays for only the water they use. Also, the customer is more aware of how much water they are using and as a result, they become more conservative in their water use and implement water-conservation measures.

What is the process to getting a meter?

The resident must first find out the size of the meter that is required for their structure which is done through the plumbing company. Once that is determined, the resident must then go to City Hall and see Service Timmins to purchase a meter. The resident will receive a phone call from the Water Filtration Department letting them know the meter is ready for pick (110 Feldman Rd) typically a 24 hour turn over time. Once picked up, the meter must be installed by one of the Approved Contractors of the City . Once the meter is installed, the resident must call Service Timmins (705-264-1331) to let them know it has been installed. The City will then send someone to go and inspect the meter.

What is the cost to purchase a water meter?

The price is determined through a municipal by-law that is typically updated every 5 years, the chart below reflects the most recent by-law and will be in effect until the by-law has been updated.
For more information on the most up to date rates, please review our most recent “Waterworks Charges” by-law.
 Size  Price in 2020  HST  Total 2020 Price
 5/8” meter  $185.00  $24.05  $209.05
 ¾” meter  $230.00  $29.90  $259.90
 1” meter  $400.00  $52.00  $452.00
 1 ½” meter  $620.00  $80.60  $700.60
 2” meter  $900.00  $117.00  $1017.00
 3” meter  $3,800.00  $494.00  $4294.00

Metered Water Bills:

How often will I receive my residential water and sewer bill?

Metered water is read and billed quarterly.

What is the metered quarterly charge?

There is a minimum quarterly charge for the consumption range from 0 – 72,737 liters or 0 - 16,000 gallons. For every liter used over and above the minimum threshold of 72,737 liters, there is an additional cost per thousand liters. For every gallon used above the minimum threshold of 16,000, there is an additional cost per thousand gallons. The sewer charge is determined by a percentage of the water cost and there is a service charge is a set fee each year. 
For more information on the most up to date rates, please review our annual “Water and Sewer Rates” by-law. 

How can I pay my quarterly water bill?

  • Service Timmins (in person),
  • On-line banking,
  • Pre-Authorized Payment Plan - on "installment due date" only,
  • Banking Institutions,
  • Post-dated cheque,
  • Drop Box outside City hall.

What is Pre-Authorized Payment Plan?

For metered water accounts, your payment is automatically withdrawn from your bank account on the due date of the bill. With the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan, your water bill is sent to you in advance of the date your payment is withdrawn from your bank account. This way, you’ll know ahead of time the exact amount that will be withdrawn.

How do I sign up for the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan?

Click on the link below to download a copy of the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan enrollment form for Water/Waste Water, or visit City Hall for a paper copy.

Pre-Authorized Payment Plan - Water and Waste Water

Submit your completed forms by one of the following methods:

  • Email to 
  • Mailed to City of Timmins, Tax and Utilities Department at:
    220 Algonquin Blvd E
    Timmins ON P4N 1B3
  • Drop Off at City Hall – Service Timmins Department
  • Fax to 705-360-2699

I am going away for an extended period of time. What can I do about my water bill?

You can choose to have it paid through Pre-authorized payment, prepay in advance by post-dated cheque or cash or debit.
Water can be turned OFF at the curb stop by calling Service Timmins at 705-264-1331 and arranging a shut off time. There is a fee associated with the turn OFF and ON, this fee can be found in the most up to date “User Fee” by-law. When water is shut off, a final bill will be issued at that time, and once you request water to be turned back on, billing will resume as scheduled.


What if I have more questions?

For Water/Waste Water Billing questions, please contact Service Timmins at 705-264-1331 or visit the Service Timmins Portal: