Public Education and Emergency Management

Public Education

​In an emergency, your family may not be together, or you may be asked to evacuate your home. Thinking about what you would do in different situations and preparing a plan with every member of your family is the first step to being prepared.

Click here for 3 simple Steps to be sure you and your family are prepared when faced with an emergency - (takes you to the Emergency Management Ontario website).

City of Timmins Municipal Emergency Plan

Career Force

The city of Timmins currently employs 28 full time firefighters for suppression. These men are based out of the Timmins Fire Department, located at 133 Cedar Street South.


In conjunction with the career force, the City of Timmins also utilizes many volunteers. There are 6 volunteer forces in total:

  • Ward 1 (Mountjoy): 23
  • Ward 2 (South Porcupine): 30
  • Ward 3 (Schumacher): 25
  • Ward 4 (Whitney): 27
  • Ward 4C (Connaught): 17
  • Ward 5 (Timmins): 21