Noise By-Law Evidence Procedure

Noise By-Law Evidence Procedure

Any Resident of the City of Timmins that wishes to make a complaint regarding excessive/frequent noise will need to follow this procedure regarding evidence and enforcement.

It is not possible for By Law officers to monitor for noise at all times, meaning that it is important for complainants to record noise evidence. This policy shall apply to long term frequent noise. Any complaints regarding short term noise issues occurring outside of permitted times will be investigated at the earliest possible time by the City of Timmins Municipal Law Enforcement Department or the Timmins Police Department.

For frequent/ consistent noise complaints the procedure will be as follows:

  1. You must first file a complaint, in writing, with the City of Timmins Municipal Law Enforcement Department

  2. You will receive a “noise evidence” package to record any ongoing noise issue.

  3. Sufficient completion of the noise evidence package will require:

a. Hand written documentation, courts will not accept typed documents.

b. Documented noise for a minimum of 5 days. The days do not have to be consecutive

c.Record of date, time, description of noise, and location of noise

d.Signatures at the appropriate place on each sheet

  1. The party in question will also receive a warning notice about the issue.

If the noise continues and a noise evidence package is completed sufficiently and returned to the Municipal Law Enforcement Department, the investigation will proceed with the possibility of fines issued and court proceedings. Your name as the complainant is confidential, however if court action is needed you will have to attend and testify. The Noise Evidence Package can be returned to:

Service Timmins
City of Timmins
220 Algonquin Boulevard East
Timmins ON

You can also request a package by email from

Click here to View or Download the EXCESSIVE NOISE Complaint Form