Mattress & Box Spring Recycling Pilot Program

Beginning June 1st, 2020, the Deloro Landfill Site will initiate a new Mattress Recycling Pilot Program. All mattresses and/or box springs, regardless of size will be charged $15.00 per unit to cover the cost of the program. 

Users will be required to place the unit in a designated location. If the user is unable to move the unit(s) unassisted, the mattress must be securely wrapped. 

Not accepted: mattresses and box springs that are: 
• soiled (blood, feces or any other biohazards)
• infested with bed bugs
• mouldy or wet 
• burnt

Please note that wet, excessively soiled, or mattresses with biohazards will not be eligible for recycling but will be charged for processing.

Units not part of the pilot program and therefore are not charged per unit:
• air mattresses
• waterbeds
• bed frames
• sofa bed frames