By-Law Enforcement FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions and Referrals

Where can I build a fence?

Fences can be built on or within a person's property line. If a person anticipates a problem with their neighbor, it is strongly recommended that the fence is built inside the property line to avoid any disputes.

 When is the overnight winter parking ban in effect?

By-Law 1983-2004  -  November 1st through April 30th from 11:30 pm to 7:30 am.  Absolutely no parking is permitted on street, on boulevards, or in city owned parking lots, during this time-frame.  The only exception is where there are clearly marked and posted City of Timmins "Parking Permitted" signs.    

My neighbour's yard is a mess (ie. long grass, garbage, derelict vehicles, other types of waste), Is there anything you can do about that?

Yes, we have a cleaning and clearing of land by-law that covers issues such as this. Please take the address of the property in question, a detailed description of the issue and the name and phone number of the complainant, submit this to Service Timmins (705-264-1331), and an officer will investigate.

How do I get approval for my car shelter?

By-Law 2016-7898  -  All temporary structures such as a winter car shelter require a permit.  Please submit your application, site plan and payment at Service Timmins.  Approved seasonal structures can be erected between October 1st - April 30th.  

Seasonal Structure Permit:  $15.00     

                     Yearly Structure Permit:  $25.00                            

How large can a shed be before I need to get a building permit?

If a shed is less than 108 square ft., a person is not required to obtain a building permit. There are further zoning restrictions that you need to abide by, such as setbacks. Any further questions should be directed to the building department.

What can I do about my neighbor's tree overhanging my property?

The City of Timmins does not have a by-law that regulates trees. Any damage caused by a tree or done to a tree is managed through civil court. If you wish to trim your neighbor's tree, you should obtain written permission. The City will not force any person to trim or cut a healthy tree unless there is an immediate safety risk, or if it is on/ overhanging City property.

My neighbor built a fence on my property

If your neighbor's fence is on your property you must seek a remedy through civil action. The City does not get involved with issues between private property owners.

Something is broken, dangerous, or not available in my apartment, what can I do?

The property standards by-law regulates the things that a landlord must provide for the tenants. You must provide notice to your landlord about the issue. After notice is provided about the issue, you may file a complaint and contact Service Timmins (705-264-1331)

Building and Building Permits

Service Timmins 705-264-1331

Business or Lottery Licensing

Service Timmins 705-264-1331

Loose animals, dog/cat licensing, adoption

Timmins and District Humane Society

Phone: 705-264-1816 

Eviction, landlord tenant issues, and any non-building related issues for tenants

The Landlord and Tenant Board

Phone: 1-888-332-3234 

Aggressive people, abandoned vehicles, moving traffic, after hours noise complaints:

Timmins Police Service - Business Line: 705-264-1201

Septic issues, smoking in public places, mould

Porcupine Health Unit: 705-267-1181

Garbage didn't get picked up

Service Timmins 705-264-1331

Fire, Fireworks, Fire Pits

Fire Department: 705-360-2665

Committee of Adjustments (seeking re-zoning/ minor variance)

Service Timmins 705-264-1331

Municipal Election

Service Timmins 705-264-1331