Request a Parking Ticket Cancellation

Parking tickets help to regulate the movement of traffic on City roadways and to ensure smooth traffic flow and safe streets.

The City’s various parking bylaws specify a set fine amount for each type of parking violation or infraction. The amount of the fine appears on the parking ticket.

To dispute a City of Timmins parking ticket,  please visit the Service Timmins Center located on the main floor of City Hall, 220 Algonquin Blvd East.  To support your claim you must bring evidence (e.g. permits, supporting documents,  photos, etc.) that establishes that the parking ticket meets the criteria for cancellation in these guidelines.

Each disputed ticket and the evidence presented by the person who received the ticket, is reviewed by supervisory staff  in order to understand the nature of the infraction and the circumstances surrounding the ticket issued.   They will take any and all necessary steps to determine whether a ticket warrants cancellation, which may include:

    • Examining the license plate history to identify past infractions, whether there are prior cancellations and the reasons for cancellations
    • Requesting an investigation by the City of Timmins to verify whether signage may have been missing or covered, whether meters or pay and display machines were operational at the time of the infraction and/or that work was being carried out on the roadway preventing legal parking
    • Reviewing various bylaw exemptions and permit parking zones to confirm that the permit was used in the correct zone
    • confirming temporary police considerations which would permit parking due to police investigations, construction zones (i.e.: heavy crane lifts) or other street closures directed by police


Any parking ticket arising from an offence where the vehicle was parked blocking vehicular or pedestrian traffic, loading areas for passengers or goods, or parked in an area where the offence poses a risk to life safety (for example near schools, fire lanes, escape doors, hospitals or other facilities) will not be cancelled. This applies to any offence category

The guidelines below are to be used for City of Timmins issued parking tickets only. They are meant to serve as a reference to provide an understanding of the circumstances in which a City of Timmins parking ticket may be cancelled and to outline the evidence required to support a parking ticket cancellation.

All requests for review must be submitted within 7 days of the infraction date.

Requesting A Parking Ticket Cancellation

  • Online by simply clicking the "Pay/Dispute Citation Online" on the home page and entering your information regarding the citation and attaching your supporting documentation.
  • Customers with valid Pay/Display receipts, and/or accessibility permits can  attend in-person to the Service Timmins Counter – main floor, City Hall –  along with copies of the receipts, permits, and/or other applicable documentation.

Please ensure you provide a contact telephone number, and/or email address so that you can be advised of the outcome of the investigation.